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American Legion Post: Don't Use Military Image to Push "YES" on Prop 2

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Supporters of Proposal 2, which is the so-called voting 'rights' amendment to the MI constitution, claim that if the proposal passes, it will "help military and overseas voters make their voice heard at the ballot box."

To that end, advocates for a "YES" vote have been distributing mailers to households across Michigan which feature military images. No doubt confusing voters.

The Ernest Peterson Post, of Boyne City, thinks this is inappropriate advocacy and advertising. Read the letter (pictured) the post's members passed last night.

And here's information about the part of the Hatch Act which the letter references.

Note: ERG leadership fully supports a NO vote on Proposal 2.


3 commentaires

05 nov. 2022

So grateful our local military recognize that Prop 2 does not help us!

Membre inconnu
05 nov. 2022
En réponse à

How does — for example — nine days of early voting … “not help us?”


Membre inconnu
04 nov. 2022


(1) What are the unique “images” that were used?

(2) Note that the The Hatch Act forbids “…GOVERNMENT officials from using their official roles to influence elections.”

(3) If these images were being used by ordinary U.S. citizens to promote Prop 2, see our First Amendment, please;

(4) Please see several, known and documented (below) violations of Hatch Act by members of your Dear Leader’s previous (Trump) administration.


“ … (incidents) reflect the Trump administration’s willingness to manipulate government business for partisan political ends,” the (Office of Inspector General (OSG)) report reads, adding that, “The administration’s willful disregard for the law was especially pernicious considering the timing of when many of these violations took place.”



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