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A Word on Term Limits

This is a thoughtful letter that appeared in the Michigan Capitol Confidential fall print edition written by Julie Huff of Ira Township.

The letter is in response to this column by James David Dickson, a thoughtful writer in his own right, who discusses term limits and lifetime public service.

We think the arguments Ms. Huff makes are worth pondering. Voters, also, are still deciding how to vote on Proposal 1 which, if it passes, would amend Michigan’s term limits law by allowing four House terms and three Senate terms, up from the current three and two to a 12-year total in any combination of service in the House or Senate. It may sound promising, but it's still rather confusing, and Prop 1 is supported by the MEA and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. Hmmm.

According to Fox17: "Patrick Anderson, who helped pass the current term limits back in 1992, the proposal is deceiving. 'The legislature is trying to extend their own time in office by repealing the existing term limits, but kind of mixing it in ... hiding it behind a proposal to at some future year to adopt a disclosure law,' Anderson said."

As always we encourage ERG blog readers to do their homework.



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